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Why the Chron is SO wrong about an eviction

October 29, 2015

by 48hills – excerpt

…In San Francisco, when you rent an apartment, you can stay for as long as you continue to pay the rent and abide by the terms of the lease. A tenant does, in fact, have a right to live in a place forever (not given by God but by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and mayor), and can only be evicted for “just cause.”

The fact that your rent is way below “market-rate” is not a just cause. The fact that your landlord could make a lot more money by getting rid of you is not “just cause.”

Oh, and when you buy a residential building in San Francisco that has tenants in it, you get the tenants – with all of their rights – as part of the deal. Don’t want to be a landlord? Don’t buy a building with tenants in it… (more)

This kinds of incidents are what brought on Prop I in the Mission District, and the fact that the Supervisors failed to support it when it came before them. If Prop I passes, many fear the idea may spread to other districts, forcing other neighborhoods to demand similar protections and similar plans. That is why we posted the SF Needs a Better Plan petition. To give everyone a chance to tell their story and request support to fight the latest scheme to increase density the entire city while removing neighborhood involvement in the planning decision process. Sign if you like and be sure to comment. All comments are emailed directly to the authorities and are counted as comments for the public record.  San Francisco needs a Better Plan

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