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Democrats have sold out

November 6, 2015

OpEd comments on huffpost article below

There are many reasons why Democrats are losing ground at the local level and a lot of them can be found by looking at politics in the SF Bay Area.

Once home to the most liberal governments in America, San Francisco and Berkeley have been sold to wealthy foreigners and technocrats bent on creating a huge planned environment of stack and pack (so-called) sustainable housing. The claim forcing us into crowded cities will prevent global warming.

Democrats have sold out to corporate interests who are rapidly displacing long-time citizens of the city with transients who do not vote. Thousands of rental units have been taken off the market and thousands of residents have been displaced by the new greed that is sweeping the country. This under the watch of a Democratic president who promised hope and change. We certainly got change, but not what we hoped for.

Those of us who are left are being forced to watch our beautiful little city by the Bay as it is turned into New York West. Citizens are angry and tired of living in a construction zone  that is being built for the citizens of 2013, or is it 2040. Meanwhile, they want to remove a major freeway to make room for a bullet-train that has no budget limits, and is not scheduled to arrive any time soon.

To add insult to injury, our Democratic San Francisco Mayor is turning us into  Disneyland, with two major sports stadiums mere blocks apart, guaranteeing gridlock before they remove the freeway to make way for the bullet train.

If you can’t count on the Democrats to save you, who can you turn to?

A better solution to solving global warming can be found here: In order to take advantage of solar energy, and build energy-efficient homes and businesses, the maximum height limit given today’s technology is widely recognized as 4 to 5 stories.

Democratic Party Continues To Be A Nonentity In State Politics

By Jason Linkins : huffpost – excerpt

What will it take to motivate Dems to revive their party? How about thousands of Kentuckians being kicked off health insurance?

So, that happened. The 2015 election is over, and Democrats’ continuing failure to generate credible campaigns in down-ticket races will come at a cost, as thousands of poor Kentuckians now face the prospect of losing their health insurance as a result of the GOP’s victory.

Will this finally be the moment Democrats realize that they are functionally dead as a party at the state and local level?…

(audio track)

Meanwhile, Latino voters continue to look for some friendly overture from the GOP presidential nominees, only to find that their toxic infighting has brought about the cancellation of a debate on Telemundo. Finally, President Barack Obama has joined the “ban the box” movement —  a move that could help people with a criminal history who’ve paid their debt to society stay competitive in the job market.

“So, That Happened” hosts Jason Linkins, Zach Carter and Arthur Delaney are joined this week by Julio Ricardo Varela, the digital media director of NPR’s Latino USA and founder, as well as HuffPost reporters Elise Foley and Dave Jamieson… (more)

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