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Supes will decide on giant waterfront and SoMa projects

November 16, 2015

Major legal questions and policy decisions over the 5M project at the Board of Supervisors meeting November 17, 2015

Grassroots Actions

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

And the role of Sup. Jane Kim in cutting a deal on one of them is raising all sorts of questions

NOVEMBER 16, 2015 – Major development projects in the heart of Soma and along the waterfront will come before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday/17, and there’s a storm brewing over the role Sup. Jane Kim played in cutting a deal with one of the building groups.

It’s possible that one or both projects could be decided by a narrow margin, meaning the outcome would be different if they were delayed even a few weeks until Aaron Peskin replaces Sup. Julie Christensen.

The simpler of the two in procedural terms is 75 Howard. It’s currently a parking garage, which can hardly be called the best use of the property. The developer, however, wants to put a 220-foot building on the site, all…

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