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How Much Will Super Bowl Cost Taxpayers? The City Doesn’t Know

December 9, 2015

by Geri Koeppel: hoodline – excerpt

At a hearing yesterday to get answers on how much it’ll cost taxpayers to put on Super Bowl 50 events, the city came up short.

It’s apparent that the city will incur expenses related to public transit and public safety during the Super Bowl City event at the foot of Market Street and Justin Herman Plaza, along with the NFL Experience at Moscone Center.

The Land Use and Economic Development Committee of the Board of Supervisors—Malia Cohen, Jane Kim and Scott Wiener—and Supervisor John Avalos questioned SFMTA transit planner Peter Albert and SFPD Capt. Tim Falvey about those costs. But neither could provide estimates for the impact on their departments.

“Every presenter was asked to prepare a budget and be prepared to share with us the cost of their portion, so this should not be surprising,” Cohen said during the hearing. Avalos and Kim both questioned whether funds should be spent on events when “our neighborhoods don’t get the attention they need,” as Avalos said, and when the city is trying to tackle issues like helping the homeless.

Also, SFMTA confirmed taxpayers would pay for additional costs related to transit. “We have so many services that we do need, we have a constrained budget, and I think in particular for a corporate party, we expect them to put in their fair share of them hosting this party,” Kim said. “That’s not the answer I was expecting.”…(more)



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