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New laws to have wide-ranging impact on life in California

January 1, 2016
By John Wildermuth : sfgate – excerpt

…California also enacted what is believed to be the nation’s widest-ranging electronic privacy law. SB178, by state Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, requires that, except in emergency situations, police must get a search warrant before going through someone’s e-mails, text messages, GPS data and other electronic information.

“It brings the state’s statutes into the 21st century by recognizing that we communicate with each other digitally,” Leno said when the bill was signed in October...

We should thank Leno for getting this one passed. We need to protect our privacy.
Highway lane use: Current law requiring slow-moving vehicles to let traffic pass now also requires bicycles to use the next available turnout when five or more vehicles are behind them…
Initiative fees: Filing fees for state initiatives are increased to $2,000, up from the current $200, in an effort to curb what have been called frivolous measures designed more to make a political or social statement than to actually be put on the ballot…
Earbuds and headsets: Makes it illegal to wear headsets, earbuds or earphones inserted in or covering both ears while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle…(more)

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