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Thousands of SFMTA employees urged to ‘volunteer’ for Super Bowl City during work hours

January 31, 2016

By : sfweekly – excerpt



“Corporate takeover” photo by Zrants

At last count, San Francisco is spending roughly $5 million on Super Bowl festivities.

City officials said that tally may not include paid city government “volunteers” who are causing concern among Super Bowl critics at City Hall.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has asked some of its thousands of employees to volunteer as customer service ambassadors for Super Bowl City, the San Francisco Examiner learned via public records request.

The agency employs roughly 5,500 people, according to SFMTA salary documentation, but it’s unclear specifically how many employees were asked to volunteer to work for Super Bowl City.

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose told the Examiner, “There is no additional cost,” for employee volunteerism.

Rose said ambassadors would volunteer during regularly scheduled work time. A planner, for instance, would take three hours off the time they’d regularly spend drawing up Muni routes and instead work at Super Bowl City, while still being paid.

“In fact, this helps reduce costs by allowing us to hire fewer full-time ambassadors,” Rose said.

Rose said Muni’s 2,282 operators and SFMTA’s 292 parking control officers were not included in the request for volunteers.

Supervisor Jane Kim has called for The City to no longer spend taxpayer dollars on events like Super Bowl City.

She said city employees using their free time to volunteer is up to them. But she was critical of diverting city employees during work hours for Super Bowl City (more)

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