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HUD eyes evicting thousands of people from low-income housing

February 4, 2016
By Tim Devaney : thehill – excerpt

The Obama administration is considering evicting tens of thousands of public housing residents who earn too much money to qualify for government assistance.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced Tuesday an effort to root out these “over-income” tenants who are living in government-assisted homes that could be used to help even poorer families.

“Some of those families significantly exceeded the income limits,” HUD wrote in the Federal Register, warning that “scarce public resources must be provided to those most in need of affordable housing.”

Currently, federal law does not prohibit over-income families from continuing to live in government-assisted homes, as long as they met the income requirements when they moved in.

HUD released an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking Tuesday seeking public comment on what to do with over-income tenants… (more)

There is clearly a need to look at regional differences when it comes to affordability. There is also a problem with government programs that punish success and initiative. Evicting someone may turn them into a homeless person. Is that a smart government policy?

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