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Dissent is in the air

February 6, 2016

By sfexaminer – excerpt

There’s a riot going on in San Francisco. OK, honestly, it’s more like a peaceful uprising. But “riot” sounded better and had the whole Sly and The Family Stone thing going for it. Regardless, direct political action is happening all over San Francisco as we speak, and I’ve somehow managed to find myself in the middle of it.

When I ran for mayor last year, Amy Farah Weiss, Francisco Herrera and I worked together to try and use ranked choice voting to unseat Mayor Ed Lee. While it was ultimately unsuccessful, the resulting movement — 1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee (aka The People’s Campaign) — helped turn thousands of folks, who had previously just cheered from the sidelines, into the political activists who are in the streets as we speak. And it couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time: Super Bowl 50 landed in The City this week.

I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect storm to create the level of dissent occurring in San Francisco at the moment. Beyond Mayor Lee’s electoral embarrassment of only receiving 55 percent of the vote, and a dismal 43 percent approval rating, there’s also the rampant corruption in City Hall, the firing-squad murder of Mario Woods and an epidemic of greed-fueled evictions that are changing the cultural fabric of The City.

Then, as if Lee were dropping a lit match onto a field of dry brush covered in gasoline and dynamite, hizzoner came out and said the homeless “have to leave” to make way for the Super Bowl. It was at that moment San Francisco finally let out a collective, “Oh no he didn’t!”…

an you smell that, San Francisco? Dissent is in the air, and it is a beautiful thing. I’m ready to take back San Francisco. Are you?

Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart, Follow him at

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