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San Francisco’s Pier 80 Homeless Shelter Comes With Staggering Cost

February 11, 2016

: cbslocal – excerpt

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — San Francisco is spending well above an average month’s rent to house each homeless person staying inside its Pier 80 shelter.

The shelter, about three miles from downtown, is costing the city about $1 million per month.  The city expects about 225 people to stay each night for the two months it will remain open.  If the city’s projection turns out to be accurate, it will spend about $150 per night, per person to stay there.

After a few delays, the city got showers hooked up, and there are storage lockers and parking for shopping carts.  But, much of the cost is for the services that will hopefully get the homeless back on their feet.

“We have case workers here, shelter staff, as well as security,” Trent Rhorer, Executive Director of San Francisco’s Human Services Agency said… (more)

Considering the new stats on homeless prove that many have jobs and just can’t afford the rents or the move-in fees, the city would be able to house more people if they simply paid their rents for a while and dispensed with the extra social services. Of course that would mean a smaller professional staff in the department.

They Mayor’s plan to house the homeless is to build them beautiful new wide sidewalks to pitch their tents on. If City Hall put a moratorium on sidewalk beautification, and left the street trees standing, they would probably solve the homeless problem within a few months. Each corner bulbout avearges $150K each so each intersection with four of the things, costs around $600K dollars. You could house a lot of people for that. How many bulbouts did the SFMTA buy last year?

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