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Labor and business groups in L.A. are united against one housing measure — and divided by another

February 22, 2016

by David Zahniser : latimes – excerpt

A labor-business coalition opposed to an effort to curb development in L.A. could fray after the labor side announced that it had submitted a competing measure for the November ballot.

The bruising political fight over housing construction in Los Angeles just got way more complicated.

For months, labor unions and business groups have been working together to defeat a ballot proposal, known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, that’s been billed as a crackdown on real estate “overdevelopment.” They have tried to present a unified front, arguing the proposal would bring housing production to a sudden halt.

But that alliance came under serious strain last week, after union leaders revealed they had, without the support of business groups, submitted a competing measure for the Nov. 8 ballot, one that puts new hiring and affordable housing requirements on real estate projects.

Business leaders, some of them caught by surprise by the new proposal, said it too is a threat to the development of new homes.

“The labor initiative is just going to kill small and mid-sized apartment projects in the city of Los Angeles. They’re just not going to get built,” said Stuart Waldman, president of the Valley Industry and Commerce Assn… (more)

Ballot proposal would require L.A. developers to provide affordable housing

Funny how all the cities end up with the same solutions. This sounds really familiar.

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