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Yes, the (legal) scam Josh Arce is running in D9 is unprecedented

February 23, 2016

By tim redmond : 48hills – excerpt

it’s all busy on the political front this week

Why would someone raise more than $70,000 to run for a seat on the committee that oversees the local Democratic Party? Well: You have to really, really want to be a member – or you have to think it’s going to help get you elected to another office.

I think this is a real issue: Arce has convinced the union he works for, which tends to be on the conservative side of local issues, to put up a huge amount of money, which he can use for name recognition and positive imaging in the district, while everyone else running has to work the phones like crazy asking for $500. It’s hard to raise $75K in $500 checks. It’s easy if your employer gives you $25,000 checks.

As I said before, there are reasons that we have contribution limits.

So here’s what my critics are saying: Hey, everybody does it.

Debra Walker, who ran for supe in 2010, posted this on Facebook:

This is really hypocritical of 48 hills.

Just a few years back, many of us including David Campos, Aaron Peskin. Raphael Mandelman and myself were encouraged by [campaign consultant] Jim Stearns et al to run for DCCC prior to our supervisor campaigns.

No one, including Tim Redmond, brought this issue up then.

I recall raising this amount for DCCC as did the others mentioned.

Just saying.

Oh, I see. First of all: Because I didn’t do the story back then, it must not be wrong now. The loophole must be okay and I should shut up because other people did it way back when, and the Bay Guardian, where I worked, supported them… (more)

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