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Train Scam Trying to Pretend It has $$ to Build

February 24, 2016

by Stephen Frank : capoliticalreview – excerpt

The High Speed Rail Authority has figured out there is no way to build a high speed train from Los Angeles to San Fran. There is not enough money, too many lawsuits, the cost of land and stealing private property is too high. Then you have the environmentalists—if the Left is using these laws to stop the trains, wait till the Right does the same after someone buys off the Left (they can be bought). They are planning to build a train from Bakersfield to hopefully, San Jose. Yet the first 29 miles is already coming in at $260 million more than expected, and is two years behind schedule. Why, folks refuse to sell their property, lawsuits, the environment and the lack of money to pay for it.

“The beauty of HSR is that it will never be built. There’s no funding.  Congress has little interest in proceeding with this project.  In addition, there’s no private interest in investing without ironclad taxpayer guarantees, which the approving HSR proposition clearly forbids.

IF CA HSR is partially built (proponents are DESPERATE to get something rolling down some rails somewhere in the state), that disastrous project will serve as a monument to government stupidity for decades to come — overpriced, underused, big annual taxpayer subsidies, slower speeds and usable by only a tiny segment of the CA population.
So when the State wants tax increases and tens of billions of bond passed in November, just ask this, if they have money for a train no one wants, why not use THAT money for water instead, or education? The answer is simple, there is NO money for the is a scam… (more)

The lack of funds is no longer a secret. The cat is out of the bag. The real reason for the delay on the DTX exapnsion, and  the need for realignment of the train is – there is no money to finish phase one of the project. They have no money.


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