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Mayor Ed Lee fires back at critics, defends his homeless efforts

March 9, 2016

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

n an unusual show of political force, Mayor Ed Lee defended his efforts to address San Francisco’s homeless issue during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting while blasting his critics for turning to rhetoric and proposals lacking substance.

The mayor’s comments came one week after The City swept hundreds of homeless people and their tents from Division Street, a move some critics called inhumane. The sweeps have inflamed the passions around the homeless debate and set the mayor up for sharp criticism over his record in addressing it.

Lee took direct aim Tuesday at Supervisor David Campos, who has emerged as the board’s most outspoken critic of the mayor’s homeless efforts and introduced a proposal of his own.

Countering Campos, the mayor defended the homeless sweeps, came out against supervised injection facilities for drug users and vowed to open up more Navigation Centers in less than two months — despite the mayor’s homeless czar saying last week it would take up to six months.

Campos announced his effort during a 10 a.m. press conference…

Campos introduced legislation Tuesday to declare a crisis under state law that would allow San Francisco to cut through normal bureaucratic procedures to open up homeless shelters on public land. He also plans to introduce legislation in the coming weeks requiring The City open six Navigation Centers within the year — three within four months. The legislation will identify funding to pay for the centers, including proposed cuts to the current budget… (more)

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