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Supervisor urges declaration of statewide emergency on homelessness

March 9, 2016

By : sfexaminer – excerpt

When it comes to homelessness, local politicians are realizing local solutions aren’t enough, and are calling in the big dogs in state and federal government.

End the lawmaking gridlock. Free the funds. Take a stand, and lead on solving homelessness.

To that end, Supervisor Jane Kim will introduce a resolution at the Board of Supervisors today urging California government to declare a statewide emergency for homelessness.

It would also task San Francisco and California government to identify surplus public property for emergency and short-term homeless shelters, in the style of San Francisco’s navigation centers.

The call to action comes as more than 7,500 homeless in San Francisco recently weathered El Niño-affected storms. But data from Kim’s office says 21 percent of the United States’ homeless in 2015 are in California — clearly painting this as a state issue.

Though many are quick to bemoan resolutions by our supervisors, who take stands on far-flung wars or near-term policies, this one actually makes sense. Homelessness is not exclusively a local issue… (more)


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