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The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement

March 20, 2016

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

…The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is a big issue in the presidential race, since Bernie Sanders is way against it and Hillary Clinton was maybe for it but maybe not before she was against it, and trade is even an issue for Republicans, who love Big Capital’s embrace of free trade but are terrified at how much Donald Trump (who is such a racist, sexist blowhard that he could cost the GOP the Senate this fall) has gained from denouncing these deals.

But there hasn’t been that much talk about the impact of TPP on the news media. According to the Pacific Media Workers Guild (full disclosure, I am a card-carrying member), the TPP would threaten the rights of journalists and whistleblowers. The measure, among other things, would:

  • Compel Internet service providers to take down websites without a court order, as the Stop Online Piracy Act would have done had the House Judiciary Committee not shelved it in 2012.
  • Extend U.S. copyrights to life plus 70 years, preventing anyone from using works that belong in the public domain.
  • Bar unauthorized disclosure of corporate trade secrets, putting journalists and whistleblowers at risk of lawsuits or even criminal prosecution for exposing corporate misdeeds.
  • End anonymity online by forcing every domain name to be associated with a real name and address.
  • Make it illegal to unlock, modify or generally tinker with a device you own.
  • Export the United States’ broken copyright policies without expanding free-speech protections such as fair use.

There’s a forum to discuss all of this Monday/21 at 7pm at the Bernal Heights Library, 500 Cortland. It’s free… (more)

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