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Airbnb in San Francisco: By The Numbers

April 4, 2016

airbnbaction – excerpt

Today, we’re releasing new data specific to the Airbnb community in San Francisco. We are also discussing some of the work we have done to remove unwelcome listings from our platform and steps we are taking to make The City an even better place to visit and call home. San Francisco is unlike any city in the world and we are always trying to learn more about hosts and guests in our hometown.

As of March 15, 2016, our San Francisco community consisted of 9,448 active listings managed by 7,046 hosts:

  • Of those listings, 3,812 were private rooms or shared spaces;
  • The remaining 5,636 were entire home listings.

Of the 5,636 entire home listings, 4,487 were shared by hosts with only one entire home listing. Some hosts with more than one entire home listing are traditional hospitality companies like boutique hotels and timeshare hotels. Others offer long-term housing, setting limits that only allow for guest reservation requests of 30 days or more.

This chart provides more details:...(more)

feds tackle synthetic turf safety 2-13-16


They may be giving up the fight here, but what is happening in Sacramento? Are the state bills still on track to go through, or are they dropping those efforts?

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