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Changing the DCCC rules (again)

April 4, 2016

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Speaking of rule changes: The plan to change the membership of the Democratic County Central Committee may have died once, but it’s back. The measure went to the panel’s Bylaws Committee, which met last week, quietly, with no public notice whatsoever (nothing in the DCCC bylaws addresses whether the public has to be told when committees are meeting) and brought a new version back to life.

So on Wed/16, the full panel will – in the middle of an election – vote again on a rather profound change in the way the local party operates in San Francisco.

The new version of the plan initially sponsored by Alix Rosenthal would increase the size of the DCCC to 52 members. (That would almost certainly require a change in the setting of the meetings, since 52 people will never fit on the stage of the state auditorium where the meetings are now held).

Every member of the Board of Supes who is a Democrat (right now, that’s all 11) would be a member, as would the mayor. Since every state or federal elected official who lives in SF is also a member, the number of “ex officios” would increase to 19.

Then the plan would add seven more elected members to the existing 24, and grandfather in Sups. David Campos and Eric Mar, who are both on the ballot and would likely win DCCC seats, but would be bumped to Ex Officio status and will end their terms on the BOS at the end of 2016.

Got it?…

See, there’s a war on for control of the DCCC and the city, and there are two sides, and one side made a strategic decision to play by the rules that were in place and run a slate of candidates that included the same number of people as there are available seats.

The other side has lots more candidates.

So if they change the rules and allow a lot more people to get elected, that side (the conservatives) will continue to control the committee.

That, I suspect, is why every member of the pro-mayor, pro-real-estate camp supports the changes. And why it makes so little sense to change the rules right in the middle of the election… (more)


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