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The Airbnb of backyards is bringing hot tubs and strangers to your lawn

April 12, 2016

By Katie Dowd : sfgate – excerpt

Have you ever looked at your backyard and thought, ‘If only I could charge yard-less strangers to utilize this space?’

A new app called Nookzy is hoping to help you with this problem you never knew you had. The space-sharing app is quietly launching in San Francisco, according to a flier obtained by SFist.

“The backyard has entered the sharing economy,” the flier boldly proclaims, proving that in this city, the concept of sharing can be monetized by anyone.

Nookzy’s pitch also includes the sentences, “How often do you really use your yard? Why not share it?” which is exactly the kind of nagging tone that users really embrace…

So what happens if your yard-using guests treat your garden like Dolores Park on a sunny day?

“In the unlikely occasion that anything goes wrong, Nookzy will do its best to rectify it,” its site reads.

Oh, sure. That’s reassuring… (more)

Hopefully this is an April Fools joke. What will people not sell these days?


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