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Not enough housing? Move to the sticks, survey says

April 30, 2016

By Peter Fimrite : sfgate – excerpt

The solution to the woeful lack of housing in the Bay Area is pretty simple, if you ask residents of the nine counties surrounding San Francisco Bay — funnel the late-comers out to the sticks.

That was the conclusion of the majority of residents who responded to a poll on solutions to the housing shortage released Wednesday by the Bay Area Council, a business-sponsored public policy advocacy group.

The results were not as supportive of the traditional solutions that emphasize sustainability — like in-fill housing and transit-oriented development — as the experts would have liked. Instead of building more housing in the Bay Area, 60 percent of the respondents said they would prefer housing to be built outside the region. The outliers who need to get to the Bay Area to work would be best served by improving transportation out there in the boonies, according to the poll… (more)

Bay Area residents wary of new housing development

The problem is the pace of change. Too much too fast. People want stability and the freedom to chose. We did not chose to live in a stranger’s virtual reality that was sold to urban planning. Nor did we agree to accept the ugliest buildings imaginable springing up among the Victorians, or cottages in the back yard.

Gardens have been replaced by trees on the sidewalks. Just try hanging out under a street tree in your lawn chair with a bar-b-q this weekend. You will probably be arrested under the sit-lie law. The neighbors will think you are homeless.


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