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Bay Area leaders consider merging region

May 13, 2016

By Martha Mendoza : mercurynews – excerpt

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Hundreds of business and political leaders gathered in San Jose to consider the advantages of merging the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley into a single region, sharing everything from city dumps to water treatment plants as communities sprawl across borders.

Leaders attending the State of the Valley conference Friday noted that Bay Area residents, businesses and local governments face the same challenges, from gridlock and earthquakes to steep housing prices and climate change.

They said the region, which amounts to the world’s 13th-largest economy, should continue to boom if they coordinate their planning and consider merging transit systems, police and fire services and even city governments.

Technology forecaster Paul Saffo told conference participants that sharing everything from landfills to police helicopters could make the entire area more efficient, save money and help businesses remain competitive… (more)

Let’s start with the first sentence, business and political leaders, and go from there. The idea of combining more regions at a time when many are breaking up is particularly daunting, and the fact that the group is limited to “business and political leaders” and not community citizens is frankly, insulting. People are tired of top down planning and centralized government, especially when it involves more taxes and more restrictions on our lives. This same 9 county group is bringing you the opportunity to tax yourself to pay them to find more ways to spend your money. Don’t really think we need to pay for another level of government.

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