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Drunken Sailor City Hall Spending: Another Bait-and-Switch?

June 3, 2016

by Patrick Monette-Shaw

Last November’s Affordable Housing Bond Measure Snookered Voters

As I wrote in May’s Westside Observer, voters were snookered on last November’s $310 million housing bond measure: Only recently has the City finally admitted that fully 20% of that bond — possibly up to $62 million, or a smaller $20 million chunk — is being set aside for housing for the homeless, something voters were never informed about prior to the November 2015 election. More on this, below.

Add in the $20 million for homeless shelters in the June 2016 bond, and we’re up to $42 million to $82 million in bond financing plus interest for homeless projects, as in “when pigs fly.” That $82 million is on top of the Mayor’s first-year budget for the new Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing under newly-appointed department head Jeff Kositsky, who fittingly has a tattoo on his right calf featuring a flying pig and who sports matching socks featuring flying pigs. The department Kositsky will head launches July 1, and will have an annual budget of approximately $165 million and a staff of 110…

This is precisely why now, more than ever, we need a Board or Commission having oversight over all of MOHCD, because CGOBOC’s oversight will simply not be enough!

Patrick Monette-Shaw , Columnist/Reporter,  Westside Observer Newspaper

After this article was submitted for publication on May 23, news surfaced that Supervisor Aaron Peskin introduced legislation the following day on May 24 to place a Charter change on the November 2016 ballot to create a single Commission having joint oversight of MOHCD, the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (MOEWD), and the City’s Real Estate Department, at long last!  I will be covering Peskin’s Charter change in the Westside Observer’s August issue, and urge you to support voting to approve that Charter change in November.

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