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Bernie Sanders speaks in the Mission — but doesn’t endorse Reform Slate for DCCC

June 7, 2016

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

How will the popular senator bring the movement forward if he doesn’t become the nominee?

Bernie Sanders visited the Mission District today on the eve of the California primary, and called for his supporters to remake the Democratic Party from the bottom up and take it away from the big donors. But he stopped short of endorsing the slate of candidates for the local Democratic Party Central Committee that is trying to do just that.

Many of the members of the Reform Slate were on hand when Sanders came to the City College Mission campus for a relatively small rally that preceded a much larger event at Crissy Field. This was mostly a GOTV event, designed to encourage people to walk precincts and get last-minute voters to the polls.

If turnout tomorrow is heavy, he said, “we win.” If it’s really strong, “we win big.” But if turnout is relatively modest, Hillary Clinton wins.

Sanders made his usual (inspiring) stump speech, said that it was “too late for establishment politics and economics,” noted that there’s been a huge surge in voter registration in this state, and urged supporters to work for “the largest turnout in Democratic Party history.”

The crowd cheered back as Sanders spoke about radical ideas, “I want everybody to understand this if you go out and knock on the door and somebody says these are crazy ideas, they are radical ideas, extremist ideas tell them ‘no.’ Every idea, here (or virtually everyone) has the support of the majority of the people of this country,” he said “You know want to hear a radical extremist idea? it’s giving tax breaks to billionaires when we have massive income and wealth inequality. A radical and extremist idea are insulting Mexicans, latinos, Muslims and African Americans.” Then he asked, “how to we open the Democratic Party to young people and working people?”

One way, of course, is to start with Democratic Party organization at the local level. It’s no secret that the San Francisco party is run by the real-estate industry and Big Tech, which is spending more than a million dollars to keep control… (more)

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