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Beyond the Law: District Attorney George Gascón’s threat to San Francisco’s business as usual

June 11, 2016

by chris roberts : sfweekly – excerpt

…A refugee from Castro’s Cuba, Gascón lived in L.A. for almost 40 years and spent over 20 of them in the LAPD, briefly in the running to become chief there in the early 2000s before he became the first outsider in decades to lead the San Francisco police department in 2009. He held that post for 18 months before becoming the even-more-surprising choice to succeed incoming Attorney General Kamala Harris as district attorney.

The welcome address came from Fr. Greg Boyle, a Jesuit priest famous for working with gang members in Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles, where Gascón worked as a young cop back in the 1980s, an era when L.A. saw 1,000 homicides a year. The swearing-in was performed by Cruz Reynoso, Southern California born-and-bred and the first Latino to serve on the California Supreme Court (as well as the first to be thrown off of the court by voters after reducing too many death sentences to life imprisonment).

Most of San Francisco’s prominent leaders, like Mayor Ed Lee and former Mayor Willie Brown, were elsewhere, which means they missed the PowerPoint — and the obvious challenge thrown their way.

Gascón began with a slide featuring a familiar sight even to Angelenos: San Francisco in ruins after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Those days were notable for prosecutors as well as for history buffs. This was the time when an elected district attorney brought corruption charges against San Francisco’s mayor and main political boss, Gascón told the room… (more)

Maverick DA clamps down on graft and corruption and displacement comes to city hall as two police chiefs quit within a month on both sides of the bay, and the story is just beginning to spin. Which heads will roll next?


SF Sheriffs Discovers Unfinished Disciplinary Records Hidden in Brown Paper Bag
… filled with documents on cases nearing statutes of limitation.

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