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San Francisco gets ‘F’ for small business friendliness

June 15, 2016

By Tessa Love : bizjournal – excerpt

San Francisco is one of the least friendly cities for small businesses in the nation, according to a report by Thumbtack, an online service that connects people with local professionals for hire.

The study surveyed more than 12,000 skilled professionals nationwide operating in a variety of industries, asking them to grade the “friendliness” level of state and local public policies that affect small businesses, including taxes, labor regulations, environmental rules and more… (more)

Interesting that this article centers in on a lot of regulations, but fails to mention the two biggest problems, small businesses face – escalating rents and traffic and parking problems. I think the number one problem small businesses are concerned with is the competition for commercial space, that closely follows a new complete streets “improvement” project.

This article also fails to mention the new sales tax and regional tax and other parcel taxes, or feels San Francisco City Hall plans for us. All of these effect the economic vitality of our small businesses.

The problems with gentrification and escalating costs of living are so great that the citizens have convinced the Board of Supervisors to put some choices on the November ballot that could make a difference.

This week the Small Business Commission heard the latest parking scheme from the SFMTA’s SFPark department, and the reaction was not what the presenters expected. Watch the reaction here of the Commissioners – Item 7

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