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SF Trans Celebration Boos Pols and Says No to More Police

June 26, 2016

by Lola M. Chavez : missionlocal – excerpt

Pride Weekend began Friday afternoon with more than a 1,000 or or so revelers gathered in Dolores Park to celebrate with a Trans March that included signing, poetry and politics.

Mayor Ed Lee and Scott Wiener arrived and they and other political leaders were were promptly booed off the stage before being able to speak to the crowd.

Ashley Love, a transexual journalist, was one of the many to speak out against Supervisor Wiener.

“I’m tired of people using our community as a prop. A political prop,” Love said. “I’m tired of politicians coming here for five minutes and doing a sound bite and running off. But do they really care about us? Weiner is against homelessness. A lot of trans are suffering from being homeless.

Love continued to press on about this year’s increased levels of police at Pride. “The police have taken over Pride. Trans people of color are at high risk of police brutality. I’m not going to go on Sunday. Why would I want to go and be subject to harm and discrimination?”

Love pretty much summed up the feeling of many at the march where “Police out of Pride,” was a popular sign. SF Gate reported that some organizations including “Black Lives Matter, the Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project and St. James Infirmary” dropped out of the parade to protest the police presence.

Gary McCoy, a reader, pointed out that State Senator Mark Leno and others were also booed off the platform. He included the video below in his comment.

Friday’s event was the 13th trans march in San Francisco. The theme this year was “Embracing our Legacy, We are Still Here.”

The celebration left the park for a march to Civic Center where the city unveiled a new street sign at Turk and Taylor named for the Gene Compton’s Cafeteria Riot of August 1966 when police tried to prevent transgender people from gathering at the Compton cafe in the Tenderloin… (more)

The unimaginable happened this week. The politicians were told off during Gay Pride celebrations.

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