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Advocates Consider Shifting Fields, Relocating Clubhouse, at Jackson Playground

June 28, 2016

by : Potrero View – excerpt

Last month, 50 Potrero Hill residents voted on three alternatives to remaking Jackson Park, with a majority supporting expanding the park onto Carolina Street. Concerns over parking dissuaded most voters from backing park encroachment onto Arkansas Street.

Voters’ top three concerns were increasing green and open space, expanding onto nearby streets, and parking and traffic. Under the favored plan, a new recreation center would be developed; a tennis court would be placed on the existing clubhouse, which would be relocated to Carolina Street; the baseball and softball fields would be reconfigured to increase the amount of open space; a dog run would be added; new playground equipment installed; with reduced fencing around the park..(more)

Take a good look at where Rec and Park is spending those bond dollars they really needed. This an example of how the city “sells” you a park. In this case we already have a park that is well-used by the public and needs no more elements added. This is an example of a waste of tax-payer money. They are moving a club house around the park the way the SFMTA moves bus stops around the streets. Millions of dollars to move stuff instead of maintaining what is already there. The city needs 1 millions of dollars just to maintain what it has, so what does it do? Buy more to maintain.

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