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The Important Reason S.F.’s Trans March Descended Into Booing

June 29, 2016

By Neal Broverman : advocate – excerpt

It was a beautiful day on Friday at San Francisco’s famed Dolores Park; the perfect setting to kick off the annual Trans March, one of the first events of the city’s Pride festivities.

But instead of cheering or rallying, the crowd at Dolores was angry. The group reportedly heckled, swore, mooned, and gave the finger to California state senator Mark Leno. The gay Democratic politician and San Francisco native challenged his critics, which only enflamed the situation.

“And why am I a piece of shit?” Leno asked, before scolding someone for giving him the middle finger. “Though this has not been a warm welcome or one of respect, I will continue to fight for transgender rights, equality, and the respect that you’re not giving us today.”

The response to Leno was so bad, scheduled speakers Mayor Ed Lee and City Supervisor Scott Weiner declined to take the stage. After Leno left, the crowd began shouting, “House keys not handcuffs!”

Leno was likely the unintended recipient of the chant — Weiner has inspired much ire from the city’s trans community for saying San Francisco’s ubiquitous tent camps should be removed.

“These tents are a public safety and a public health problem for the people living in them and for our neighborhoods,” Wiener said in an interview, according to KQED

With San Francisco’s housing prices continually some of the highest in the nation — partly the result of the booming tech industry — the class wars riling San Francisco are expected to continue unabated… (more)

There is a growing economic divide much wider than the politicians and pundits are willing to acknowledge. They are missing the level of anger over globalization policies and trade deals that shift jobs overseas, disrupting lives and throwing people out of their homes. Homeless people have right to be angry and disrespectful to public officials.

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