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About 2,000 rally in Oakland in reaction to police shootings

July 8, 2016

About 2,000 angry protesters marched through downtown Oakland, blocking traffic on Interstate 880 and pouring red paint on the front door of an Oakland police station in solidarity with two black men fatally shot by police officers this week in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Cars were backed up for hundreds of yards in both directions on the elevated downtown freeway after hundreds of protesters swarmed up the on-ramps around 8:45 p.m. and began dancing, playing music and spray-painting slogans on the pavement. Other protesters climbed to the top of a semitrailer that was stalled in the huge traffic jam.

“Burn it to the ground,” one protester wrote in black spray paint in the middle of the freeway.

Another group of protesters stood facing a long line of helmeted Oakland officers at Sixth Street and Broadway in a tense, quiet standoff.

The march through downtown Oakland and the freeway protest, which followed an hour-long rally at Frank Ogawa Plaza, was loud, emotional and generally peaceful. One protester was being treated for a minor medical condition.

“No justice, no peace, no racist police,” the crowd hollered as it proceeded south on Broadway to the police station at Seventh Street, where they encircled the front door and threw what appeared to be red paint on it. At some point later, the doors were also smashed. There were no arrests. An unidentified male freeway protester was being treated for a seizure, authorities said.

During the freeway blockage, hundreds of stalled motorists sat in their cars with their windows rolled up. Others got out and walked around. A dozen police on motorcycles drove onto the freeway, but, after seeing that they were outnumbered by hundreds of protesters, turned around and left…(more)

Protest against police violence blocks Hwy 880 
Officers shot after Dallas police shootings protest

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