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Google’s X division hires top SFMTA executive to help shape the future of automation

July 8, 2016

X, Google’s special division previously known as “Google X“, is on to big things. It’s not called a “moonshot factory” without reason; from crazy stuff like Project Wing to giant internet-delivering hot-air balloons and self-driving cars, you can tell that there’s some not-so-hidden ambition there.

And speaking of autonomous vehicles, it looks like the Mountain View firm is working hard to make sure that talent is always being looked after…

A report from the San Francisco Examiner is in fact saying that Tim Papandreou, the head of the Office of Innovation at the city’s Municipal Transportation Agency, has announced at a late June SFMTA Board of Directors meeting that he is leaving his job to join the X team and, specifically, the group behind its self-driving car project.

He allegedly was a “lead point of contact” with Google already, as well as other tech innovators “on developing policy initiatives around driverless cars and other transit innovations”, which indeed means that his expertise may have been seen of great value by the people at Mountain View…(more)

Talk about the corporate backdoors into government agencies. This has got to be it.

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