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First-of-its-kind report details code enforcement cases in SF homes

July 12, 2016

By : sfexaminer – excerpt


San Francisco has been in the national spotlight in recent years for its sky-high cost of living and torrid tales of evictions.

But a lesser-known housing element is setting a national standard for The City as well.

For those who still live in The City, a plethora of building code violations ranging from lack of hot water and heat to rodents and mold continue to plague residents, especially in rented homes.

San Francisco, however, actually saw such violations followed up by city officials more than most major cities in the U.S., according the Department of Building Inspection’s first-ever citywide report on housing code violations in San Francisco, which was released to the San Francisco Examiner last week.

“I’ve always wanted [to do] this,” said James Sanbonmatsu, a senior housing inspector with DBI who authored the report. “We cover an enormous amount of ground and we see a lot of problems and do our best to get them all fixed, so it’s a lot more than any of us realize.”… (more)


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