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Troubled Public Plaza Will Be Fenced Off To Divert Homeless

July 30, 2016

By missionlocal – excerpt

Plans for installing a fence around McCoppin Hub, a public plaza that has become a hangout for some of the city’s homeless, are underway with construction set to begin as early as next month.

In a collaboration between various city agencies including Public Works and the Department of Public Health, a contractor is expected to deliver a final proposal and the projected costs on Friday,  according to John Gavin of the Real Estate Division, the city agency that currently manages the Hub located where Valencia and McCoppin streets meet.

The project would take about three months to complete and involve removing some of the Hub’s blocks and chains, installing a fence and two gates for vehicles to enter and three gates for people to enter, said John Thomas, division manager at Public Works.

Hours of access to the Hub will be determined by the Division, but would likely “mirror the dog and skate parks that are across the street – essentially 7 a.m. to sunset,” said Thomas.

Since its 2014 revitalization from a dead-end into a multi-purpose event plaza, McCoppin Hub has become a point of contention in a larger debate of how the city should address its population of roughly 7,000 homeless. Immediately after the renovation, the Hub became a place for the homeless to hang out and quickly became a thorn in the side of many neighbors.

This is why we need to close more streets to traffic and parking. We need more fenced in public plazas for people hang out.

“A fence isn’t going to help the homeless, and it isn’t going to help anybody else,” said Christopher Lloyd, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an organization that promotes LGBT rights.

The fence, said Lloyd, would only serve to further criminalize the homeless, and the lack of access would discourage others from using it as well. “A fence means that nobody can use it.”… (more)


homeless tents on 16th Street next to the bus barn.

While they are fencing one mistake, SFMTA is spending more developer fees to create a new public plaza at Harrison and 16th Street, right next to a major tent city. They are removing parking and non-existent traffic in an alley off of Harrison.


Here is the layout so far. First step is to remove a traffic lane and put in a bike path with barriers on one of the least traveled alleys in town. Soon they will start digging up the asphalt and, no doubt pouring concrete. We expect they put in concrete seating with those little metal knobs to discourage sleeping, and plant a few rocks and bushes that don’t require water. This is what they do in lieu of paying developer fees to actually improve public transit in most neighborhoods They pour concrete and plant non-native palm trees to take out parking and reduce traffic lanes.

But the voters are getting wise to the game. They are demanding change and the SFMTA Charter Amendment is the first step to change. The voters want a seat on the SFMTA Board. Find out more about the Charter Amendment here:

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