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Gov. Brown could call for ballot measure on climate change

August 5, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown may ask California voters to extend the state’s climate-change programs — including its pioneering cap-and-trade system — past 2020 if balking state legislators don’t do so this month, one of his top aides said Thursday.

Brown has staked much of his political legacy on the fight against global warming, aiming to slash California’s greenhouse-gas emissions 40 percent below 1990’s levels by the year 2030.

But the landmark 2006 law that created many of California’s climate programs spelled out specific emission cuts only through 2020. And the state’s legislative analyst has warned that California’s cap-and-trade system for limiting emissions may lack legal authorization to keep running after that year…

Uncertainty about its future may already be undercutting the system. When the state held its quarterly allowance auction in May, buyers purchased just 11 percent of the allowances available. Almost every previous allowance auction sold out. (Almost but not all.)

“We need to part the clouds of uncertainty, and there’s nothing like a statute to provide clarity,” said Alex Jackson, legal director of the California Climate Project at the Natural Resources Defense Council…(more)

Maybe the media can grill him on some of the assumptions that are being made regarding the efficacy of transit oriented development and the real effects it is having on the environment as money replaces residents along the transit routes and the wealthy stick to their cars.

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