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State Bills of Concerns to Small Businesses

August 6, 2016

nfib – excerpt

Found this list that I will share for your review. No opinion on my part as to which of these is good or bad. this is solely for your review and comments if you care to make them. We like to stay on top of important state bills  when we can.

This one look rather ominous:
ACA 4 (Frazier): Local Tax Increases – Lowers the vote threshold required to raise local taxes from 2/3 to 55%, making it much easier for local governments to pass a whole lot of taxes. This is a constitutional amendment and does not have to meet the deadlines.
SB 1X 1 (Beall): Transportation Tax Increases – Adds 12 cents/gallon to the gas
tax, 22 cents/gallon to the diesel tax, $35 to the vehicle registration fee, and another $35 to
registration for a “road access charge.” It also adds $100 to the registration for zero – emission cars. A similar transportation tax is expected to be amended into another compromise bill… (more)



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