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Lee, Feinstein Want HUD to Help City With Anti-Gentrification Plan

August 24, 2016

By Ted Goldberg : KQED – excerpt

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee plans to send a delegation to Washington, D.C., to meet with federal housing officials who rejected a city measure that would give low-income and minority residents priority in new affordable housing developments in their neighborhoods.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s rejection of the city’s neighborhood preference plan was met with anger from San Francisco’s African-American leaders.

The decision led Sen. Dianne Feinstein to call on the department’s chief to work out a compromise with city officials.

“I ask that you personally oversee this partnership to ensure that San Francisco can pursue anti-displacement strategies,” Feinstein wrote to HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

HUD rejected the neighborhood preference program, saying it could violate the 1968 Fair Housing Act by limiting equal access to housing and perpetuating segregation.

The city’s program would have given black seniors in the city’s Western Addition preference to move into a 98-unit affordable housing development this fall.

The Board of Supervisors and Lee enacted the neighborhood preference plan in part to answer the continuing departure of the city’s African-American population…

“The city is caught between a rock and hard place,” Iglesias said. “This is a collision between fair housing law and our ongoing chronic affordable housing crisis.”…(more)

A journalist doesn’t have to take sides, just try to make sense of this quagmire of obtuse government meddling we find ourselves confronting.
There have been allegations that HUD was responsible for large numbers of foreclosures that started the housing crisis brought on by the bad loans that sank housing values and brought on the financial meltdown. The banks got bailed out by the taxpayers, but not the homeowners. They were kicked to the curb.
Someone needs to investigate the claims about HUD’s involvement in the foreclosures.


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