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Is SF Chronicle is ignoring the real Lennar story?

September 22, 2016

Call for a Cessation of Work and Comprehensive Independent New Testing at the Shipyard and Adjacent Areas Where Radioactive and Toxic Waste May Have Been Illegally Dumped, and Full Cleanup


They just ran this article:

Promise is building in long-neglected SF shipyard site

By John King : sfchronicle – excerpt

Forget those downtown towers clambering toward the heavens. The biggest change to San Francisco’s landscape is taking place 5 miles away — easy to miss unless you know where to look.

Residential landings line new hillside roads. A neighborhood green spills down toward the bay. Balconies with chairs and potted plants look out at concrete being poured and walls being framed. One residential block is adorned with a four-story vegetated wall.
The setting is the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, where the first batch of 208 condominiums and apartments forms the figurative beachhead for what eventually will be a 437-acre extension of the Bayview neighborhood. What’s gone up so far has promising elements, including the most inviting park the city has seen in years. There’s also real promise downhill, where one of England’s leading architects is rethinking how the huge project should meet the bay.

That figure is David Adjaye, in the news this month as the designer of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, which opens Saturday on the National Mall across from the Washington Monument. The Hunters Point development would be his first work in the United States west of Colorado, and his first planning effort in the Americas.

As for what’s being marketed as San Francisco Shipyard, it’s a fast-changing element in a part of the Bayview that outsiders rarely see, except when they visit the artist studios in old naval buildings below the hillside… (more)


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