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Activists protest major Mission development inching toward completion

October 6, 2016

by : sf.curbed – excerpt

Protestors dub developer “Satan,” among other things

1515 South Van Ness is a six-story, 157-unit housing development just north of Caesar Chavez Boulevard, erected by Lennar, the same developer pouring shocking sums of money into Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point construction.

Or at least, that’s what it will be if all goes according to the developers‘ plan. Right now the only thing standing between Lennar and their big Mission project is the approval of the Board of Supervisors. And community opposition that includes about 50 locals who gathered at the site Tuesday afternoon with some choice words for them.

“When you’re talking about Lennar, you’re talking about Satan,” Franzo King, founder of the Church of Saint John Coltrane, told the crowd of protestors. “They’ve got a good sales pitch, but they’re not in the business of keeping promises. When they came for the Fillmore, we warned Bayview ‘You’re next.’ Now Bayview is telling the Mission, ‘You’re next.’”…(more)

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