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Why is SF tolerating Airbnb’s bad behavior?

October 9, 2016

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Study shows company makes millions off illegal listings while SF fights lawsuit. Why put up with this?

The way the Chronicle spun the new study on Airbnb was just fine: The platform does, indeed, hurt the city’s hotel industry (and hospitality is the second largest employer in the city, so it hurts jobs). The mayor, who is all about the “jobs agenda,” doesn’t seem to care about jobs for hotel workers, who not only lose shifts to Airbnb but lose their homes to evictions.

Airbnb rents out over half-a-million room nights (in San Francisco) every year, which translates into 50,000 housekeeping shifts (lost) out of hotels,” said Ian Lewis, research director of Unite Here Local 2, which represents some 12,000 hotel workers in San Francisco and San Mateo. His members are doubly impacted because they also “are on the front lines of the (housing) affordability crisis,” he said…

The study shows that the city’s Airbnb regulations are a total sham. The law that is supposed to control short-term rentals doesn’t work – at all. There are huge numbers of illegal listings, and the city can’t or won’t control them…(more)

Why are we still tolerating this? Why indeed Many other cities have pushed them back. When does a “sharing” industry become a ‘taking” industry?

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