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The Landlords Weigh in for Scott Wiener as Evictions Reach a Crisis Level

October 14, 2016

By Mitchell Omerberg : thepolicy – excerpt

Just take a look around — the San Francisco you love is getting evicted.

If you are a renter, be careful, you might be the next San Franciscan to be forced out of your home or forced out of your city by a rising tide of evictions.

This is no longer just a problem to be managed. This is an eviction crisis. The most pernicious type of evictions, the so-called Ellis Act evictions, have risen 258 percent in just the last six years – and they went up a shocking 36 percent last year alone.

Tens of thousands have now been forced from the city. And many are even being forced onto the streets, with fully 13 percent of homeless population reporting last year they became homeless because they were evicted from their homes.

This is a crisis that must be confronted head on right now or we will lose our homes and lose the soul of this city.

Landlords for Scott Wiener, Renters Unite for Jane Kim

But as bad as the crisis has become — it could get even worse if landlord candidate Scott Wiener is elected to represent San Francisco in the State Senate this November…(more)

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