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Products Locked Up at Potrero Center Safeway, as City Battles Property Crime

October 17, 2016

by : potreroveiw – excerpt

Numerous items are caged behind glass doors at the Potrero Center Safeway, dissuading some would-be shoppers from patronizing the store. “My family has stopped shopping there,” commented J.R. Eppler, Potrero Boosters president. “Too many of the items, including infant formula, that we went specifically to Safeway for, are now behind lock and key.”…

Though the store was busy with shoppers, the aisles were clean, well-stocked, easy to navigate and contained fresh-looking goods. However, few store staff was visible outside the registers. About a year ago, the Potrero Center Safeway began locking up select items behind reinforced glass cabinets, including infant formula, soap, moisturizers, cleansers, dental care products, shaving paraphernalia, over-the-counter drugs, and alcoholic beverages. Long stretches of some aisles are behind glass…

According to the security guard, the Potrero Center Safeway doesn’t necessarily experience any more theft than other Safeway outlets in the City. He’d worked at various locations, and found that the issues are largely the same. The major difference is the amount of revenue stores make. The Safeway on Market and Dolores streets generates high revenues, and can justify employing a large staff. With numerous personnel roaming the aisles, there’s no need to have items locked up. In contrast, Potrero Hill’s Safeway brings in less revenue, with fewer staff, creating a need to prevent theft through other means. The reduced staffing also seems to result in longer waits for customers seeking products vulnerable to theft...

Safeway corporate representatives wouldn’t respond to inquiries regarding theft-prevention policies.  Potrero Center management declined to share an internal newsletter that addresses security issues at stores…(more)


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