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Airbnb bans hosts with multiple listings in SF

October 22, 2016

By Carolyn Said : sfgate – excerpt

Airbnb is making a new effort to play nice with San Francisco, despite a fractious relationship that has heated up in recent months with the vacation-rental company suing its hometown and lawmakers considering new restrictions on rentals in private homes.

The company said it is building into its website a way to automatically bar San Francisco hosts who control multiple listings, sometimes a sign of landlords running illegal hotels. Hosts with legitimate reasons for multiple listings, such as property-management companies, legal hotels or people with two or more rooms to rent in their homes, can request exceptions.

The feature will take effect Nov. 1, but Airbnb said it already has jettisoned hundreds of San Francisco listings since April, when it promised to crack down on illegal commercial operators… (more)

Don’t know what happened to make them change their minds about fighting the Board of Supervisors and the many pissed off voters of San Francisco who are fed up with corporate welfare and special deals, but, we are pleased to hear Airbnb has decided to cooperate and remove multiple listings from single operators from their listings.

SF supervisors propose 60-day cap on all Airbnb rentals

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