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New Anti-TPP Energy Emerges from Dem Convention

October 29, 2016

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Progressive Democrats may not have seen their candidate, Bernie Sanders, achieve the victory they wanted him to, but his issues won’t go away. Chief among them is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and it’s more apparent every day that the centrist leadership of the DNC is taking a huge risk by continuing to flirt with the trade deal, which Hillary Clinton has repeatedly insisted she no longer supports. But Clinton’s word isn’t enough for rank-and-file Democrats.

John Nichols at The Nation does a splendid job describing, visually, the energy that has converged around the DNC:

When President Obama looked out across a packed hall at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, he could not have missed the large square signs opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. They could be seen throughout the sprawling arena. … Mid-way through the president’s well-received address to the convention, delegates in a stand directly opposite the stage unfurled a sign that read: “TPP Kills Democracy.” And right up front, wearing his “Stop TPP” T-shirt, stickers and pins, was retired lawyer Stephen Spitz from Falls Church, Virginia

The corporate media isn’t happy about this, and you’ll see plenty of editorials in the business and general OpEd sections of the New York Times and elsewhere, slightly-less-than-patiently explaining to the rabble that free trade works–it just takes some time. If the TPP is NAFTA on steroids, neoliberal rhetoric is trickle-down economics on antidepressants…(more)

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