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Oakland’s ‘mega-evictor’, the landlord who filed over 3,000 eviction notices

October 31, 2016

by Sam Levin : theguardian – excerpt

Pro-tenant group says a landlord who has a seat on Oakland’s housing cabinet is also the top evictor in the city, where a housing crunch has reached crisis levels.

…The organization’s research and an analysis by the Guardian reveal that in Oakland, Rosetti and his business firms have filed more than 3,000 eviction notices, which are the first step in removing a tenant. The data, along with accounts from evicted tenants, paint a picture of painful displacement and rising income inequality in Oakland, a city that is rapidly gentrifying amid the tech boom of nearby San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

“These evictions and the rent increases are part of an ecosystem that’s leading to a massive demographic shift of who can live in Oakland,” said Erin McElroy, co-founder of the mapping project and co-author of a new report on displacement in the region.

Evictions aren’t the only way Rosetti may be having an impact on Oakland. The researchers were particularly shocked to discover that the apparent top evictor has a seat on Mayor Libby Schaaf’s “housing cabinet”, a body dedicated to promoting equity and affordable housing in an increasingly unaffordable city…

Mayor Schaaf said in an interview that Rosetti has not influenced any specific policies while on her housing cabinet and said it was useful to have executives such as him involved in a group that brings together developers and housing activists.

“He is certainly the type of person we would want to influence,” she said. “If he is in fact the largest evictor … he is exactly the kind of person you want in the room.”…(more)

How can the public trust a system that puts the people causing problems in charge of fixing them? No wonder the public has lost faith in the system.

Maybe this Mayor is not the person the renters in Oakland want to steer city housing policies now that they know how she feels about who she wants involved in setting those policies.

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