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Shocking new studies: Silicon Valley’s ‘megacommute’ even worse than L.A.

November 3, 2016

By George Avalos : mercurynews – excerpt – (includes video)

They did it! SFMTA ABAG and MTC managed to turn Silicon Valley into the biggest ‘megacommute’ headache in the country as they pretended to fix it!

Now the voters have a chance to change the way these organizations work by passing Proposition L and cutting off the money supply by opposing Proposition K. We only have 5 more days before we find out just how SMART the smartest folks really are. Will they figure out who to trust to fix the broken system before it implodes or will they continue to pretend that the emperor has clothes?

SAN JOSE — Silicon Valley’s economic boom has created a surge of new jobs and slashed unemployment rates — but it also has drastically worsened the region’s commutes and contributed to the housing crisis, according to two new studies released Wednesday.

One takeaway from the studies that stunned experts: The Silicon Valley “megacommute” — defined as a single motorist driving 90 minutes or longer one way to work — is actually worse here in the Bay Area than is the case even in traffic-choked Los Angeles County… (more)

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