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The sleaze reaches high tide in SF election

November 4, 2016

By Tim Redmond

The level of sleaze in the local elections has reached the level where it’s threatening to swamp us all; some of the district supe races are positively choking on a sea of political garbage.

We knew this would happen when the vast sums of outside money, mostly from the real estate and tech industry (and some equally sleazy characters like Republican museum honcho Dede Wilsey) started pouring in to the districts in an effort to make sure that the allies of Mayor Ed Lee control the board next year.

And now we are seeing the results…(more)

The national sleaze is oozing into local campaigns. Fortunately this part of the nightmare will soon be over and we can get back to the predictable day-to-day incompetence in government that we live with now- the homeless tents, car break-ins, rising rents and tempers as local governments coast along on empty, balancing precariously on a sea of red ink, and journalists sharpen their pencils in anticipation of the next juicy leak.

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