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New Problems With $310 Million Housing Bond Housing Delays = Justice Denied

November 5, 2016

by Patrick Monette-Shaw : stoplhhdownsize – excerpt


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Westside Observer Newspaper, November 2016 at

Since we’re in the midst of the worst housing crisis in San Francisco’s history, you’d think The City wouldn’t waste a single day building urgently-needed affordable housing.  Given the performance of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), you’d be wrong.   MOHCD has been acting as if it can waste as many days as it pleases, people needing affordable housing be damned.

Supervisor Mark Farrell’s August 9 San Francisco Examiner Op-Ed wrongly alleged the November ballot measure to create a Commission having oversight of MOHCD would slow down affordable housing construction.

My September 23 Examiner Op-Ed (responding to Farrell) noted a Housing Commission might actually speed up affordable housing production.  After all, MOHCD has sole discretion over spending allocation decisions involving upwards of $3 billion dollars from various funding sources.  MOHCD has already contributed to slowing down projects…

Readers may recall my June 2016 Westside Observer article, “Last November’s Affordable Housing Bond Measure Snookered Voters,” in which I covered how voters were misled about the November 2015 ballot creating the “$310 million Affordable Housing Bond.”  In that article, I covered the January 2016 meeting of the Citizen’s General Obligation Bond Oversight Committee (CGOBOC) and various problems CGOBOC is facing dragging accurate information out of MOHCD.

Fast forward to now.  CGOBOC’s subsequent meetings in July and October illustrate problems with the Bond have worsened…

MOHCD Shifts Planned Spending of $310 Million Affordable Housing Bond(more)

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