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Obama under pressure to disclose Russia’s role in election

December 8, 2016

by : thegurian – excerpt

Senior House Democrats seek briefing on ‘Russian interference or involvement’ a week after senators signed letter asking for information to be declassified.

Barack Obama is facing growing pressure from congressional Democrats in both houses demanding further disclosures regarding Russia’s role in the 2016 US elections.

The White House has not responded to a week-old letter signed by every Democrat and aligned member of the Senate intelligence committee seeking declassification of “additional information concerning the Russian government and the US election”.

Now a group of senior House Democrats has also written to the president, seeking a classified briefing for colleagues on “Russian entities’ hacking of American political organizations; hacking and strategic release of emails from campaign officials; the WikiLeaks disclosures; fake news stories produced and distributed with the intent to mislead American voters; and any other Russian or Russian-related interference or involvement in our recent election.”… (more)

Too bad they can’t just go  directly to WikiLeaks, but, that would require them to acknowledge the importance of the work such illegal operators do, and possibly lead to the relaxation of calls to arrest and incarcerate them. They probably don’t want to arrest and try them anyway, because that would require prosecutors to ask a lot of embarrassing questions that could lead to much broader public

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