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The Media Homeless Project: Is it working?

December 12, 2016

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Let’s see: Hundreds of stories later, the voters passed a terrible anti-homeless law and the people who won’t fix the problem got elected to office. What are we doing wrong?

Back in June, at the instigation of Chronicle Editor Audrey Cooper, more than 70 media organizations put out hundreds of stories on the homeless crisis in San Francisco. “We intend to explore possible solutions, their costs and viability,” the letter announcing the project stated.

I signed on. We were part of the Homeless Project, I always thought it was a good idea; the more we can talk about the crisis, the more we might be able to get the city to do something about it.

But I was also nervous from the start: The way the news media in this city cover homelessness is often disturbing

So now we are back, doing this again. Dec. 7th is Part Two. And I think it’s fair to look back at the past six months and ask: Has this done any good?… (more)

This is a good analysis of the elements exacerbating the homeless situation. Unfortunately, Fake News is competing with real news to the extent that no matter how serious you are as a journalist and how well you express what you observe, many people, such as some of these commenters, will not believe your version of reality. It may not be the message that is the problem. Society can no longer determine the difference between the real world and virtual reality. But you have an audience who cares, so that is what keeps you going.

Homelessness and colonial media

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