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Ambushed: Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Sets Up Surprise Stings To Help Federal Immigration Agents Arrest and Deport Immigrant

January 14, 2017

By eastbayexpress – excerpt

Local law enforcement should not be involved in these kinds of activities.

Chris Kim thought it was unusual last year when the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office called him in for an unscheduled meeting. But he showed up — and walked into a trap.

The 38-year-old Hayward resident was convicted of possession of stolen property in 2015. But in-lieu of jail, he opted for the sheriff’s custody alternative program, which allowed him to stay in his apartment and keep his two jobs, one at a hotel, the other a warehouse. All he had to do was wear an ankle monitor and meet in person with a case worker in the sheriff’s office every few weeks.

But Kim says that when he showed up for the meeting at the county’s Custody Alternative Facility in Martinez last June, Specialist Liz Culley ushered him to a back room, not the cubicle where they usually met. When she opened the door, his heart jumped: Several Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents stepped forward and arrested him.

“They’re here to deport you,” he remembers Culley saying… (more)


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