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LA Activists Shun SF Millennium Developer

January 15, 2017


The Coalition to Preserve LA is a citywide movement that aims to reform L.A.’s broken, rigged and unfair planning and land-use system through Measure S, which has been placed on the March 7, 2017, ballot. Vote YES on S

Main points of Prop S:

  • Transparency: Right now, wealthy developers are allowed to write the Environmental Impact Reports for their own projects, a glaring conflict of interest that lets them downplay environmental damage that these projects cause.
    Measure S bans this practice and requires that the traffic and environmental impact be assessed by independent experts, and that the assessment be paid for by the developers.
  • Corruption: Official documents show that billionaire developers have showered the City Council with millions in donations. Then, in backroom meetings, the Council breaks its own rules to allow these same billionaires to build more luxury high rises.
    Measure S will ban these backroom deals and force the City Council to follow its own rules.
  • Traffic: More than 500 intersections in L.A. are gridlocked by irresponsible developers, who are currently allowed to ignore the impact that their buildings have on neighborhood traffic.
    Measure S will end this practice and force developers to prove that each community can absorb the new development.
  • Affordable Housing: L.A. has a growing glut of luxury housing, but regular people can’t pay the rent. Yet the City Council remains only vaguely aware that developers have destroyed 22,000 rent-controlled units since 2000 — to build luxury complexes.
    Measure S will rein in this reckless overdevelopment while encouraging more affordable housing.
  • City Council Negligence: In most major American cities, the City Council is required to update its General Plan for development every five years to adapt for change. But L.A.’s Council has abandoned this duty and our plan is now 20 years old.
    Measure S will force the Council to create an updated plan for balanced growth, instead of allowing developers to dominate the planning process.

We urge you to support Measure S on the March 7, 2017, city ballot.


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