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NY Times Wrong: Tech Not Driving Out SF Kids

January 31, 2017

By Randy Shaw : Beyond Chron – excerpt

In our new world of fake news and alternative facts, a front page New York Times story wrongly blaming  tech for San Francisco’s lack of children (“San Francisco Asks: Where Have All the Children Gone,” January 2) may not seem that disturbing. But the problem with the story is simple: the reporter compared 1970 and 2010 census figures to show a decline in San Francisco’s child age population instead of comparing 2010 to 2000. Why use a nearly 50 year old census figure instead of more recent data? Because San Francisco’s child population has been nowhere near as high since 1970 and using that baseline created an exaggerated high decline for 2010... (more)

Anyone who wants may read the rest of this article. I am speaking from memory, but recalling some statements that were made at a recent Planning Commission Meeting regarding a study that was done to determine where the families live in San Francisco and how they live to some extent. It appears that most families live in single family homes with private yards and are drive their kids to school. That seems to jive with the idea that a lot of families are moving out of San Francisco to have that type of environment to raise their family. I seem to remember some long-held theories that children do best when they are in a safe, secure, familiar environment and they thrive on stability. That seems to be what the families want for their children. Not public open spaces and parks and bikes and public transit systems with constant drama and disruption. That would explain the reason so many families live in the more suburban southern neighborhoods of San Francisco.

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